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January 4, 2016


Lots of blogs and how to's with make up - but what do you do when you aren't wearing make up? Do you treat your face to any pampering??


When I ask clients their skin regime... I almost always just hear "I just use a face wipe" and who has time (or money) for regular trips to the salon for facials? Not me. 

So I'm sharing my skin routine :) I do these home facials every week, kinda my ritual and gets my face ready for the week. 


1) Cleanse and Tone - DAILY.


This is by far the best way to remove your makeup. Because I looked permanently tired when I had my daughter I became hooked on the Loreal Anti Fatique range. Inexpensive. Cleansing and toning in the morning and again before bed, keeps my skin fresh and clean. 

There are so many cleansers and toners specially formulated for all skin types and needs, so do test a few! 




2) Exfoliate!! 

St Ives Apricot Scrub £4.19.

Because I'm so pale / almost see-through I fake tan weekly.. which means I exfoliate frequently. But its also proven to help cell rejenerating and promotes collagen too!

My favourite is the St Ives range, mostly because I love the smell of the apricot one! But they have a whole range depending on your need, the blemish control is great aswell


Available from Boots:






3) Deep Cleaning Mask

 Amie Deep Cleaning £5.95 

I stumbled across this baby on a white chocolate dash to Waitrose! And I now use it weekly. Its a deep cleaning clay mask. Apply lightly to your T-Zone (and any blemish prone areas) Leave on for 15 minutes / until it goes really dry you cant smile without it cracking! Remove with a wet flannel. * Note, take care to avoid this in your eyes, it really stings! 


Can be purchased from their online store:





4) Deep Moisture Face Mask

Manuka Doctor have a range of lotions and potions, containing purified bee venom and manuka honey. This is a miracle mask. Its an expensive purchase at £50 - BUT - always buy on a bank holiday when they almost always release a promo codes, usually up to half price off. I got my last order for £25, for an amazing pot of perfectness that lasts AGES.   

Use a small amount to create a light coating, you do not need to plaster this stuff on like those sachet facials from Superdrugs. Leave on for up to 45 minutes and wash off. ** Great for dry skin!


Available to purchase online: Use code NYD2016 for 50% off.






5) Moisturise

Any moisturiser is better than none. Although night time moisturisers repair and regenerate cells / day moisturisers are designed to protect against the elements, general dirts and also hydrate before makeup. I love the manuka API Nourish ranges so have been using this daily for months and find its generally made my pores more refined, and skin a little firmer.


Available to buy from here: Use code NYD2016 for 50% off.



Thanks for reading, please comment any questions below


- Sam :) 

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